SleepGift Infrared Blanket For Kids


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Deep Restful Sleep

Emits Far Infrared Energy

Anti-Bacterial Anti-Viral

Made with Natural Materials


SleepGift Infrared Blankets for Kids is designed to help kids and young adults suffering from insomnia, autism, anxiety, depression, or similar problems. The distributed weight across the blanket hugs children and creates a gentle massage effect all over the body while resting. It improves their sleep quality and boosts their energy level for the morning.

This SleepGift Infrared Blanket Is:

Our SleepGift Infrared Blanket For Kids can be used either as a blanket or underlay pad.

This Infrared Blanket is Perfect for:

  • Kids suffering from sleep disorders, anxiety or has autism
  • An afternoon nap
  • Snuggling while watching TV

We recommend our SleepGift Infrared Blanket for children with autism, anxiety and ADHD/ ADD. Clinical trials have shown significant improvement in the well-being of these kids after sleeping with weighted blankets. The same blankets can help children to calm down and relax during the daytime. They provide calming and relaxing effect, improve sleep quality and increase serotonin secretion.

This SleepGift Health Blanket offer benefits in both weight and far-infrared ray (FIR). The weight is created in a way that kids can move easily under the blanket. At the same time, they will enjoy being hugged by SleepGift™ Weighted Blanket and receive all the benefits of a weighted blanket.

The health fabric of our SleepGift™ Blankets is manufactured by using advanced nano-technology to incorporate bamboo charcoal as a natural source of FIR energy. The weight in the blankets, created by natural FIR emitting bioceramics, is an extra source of FIR energy. FIR energy acts at the cellular level to boost cellular detoxification, enhances blood circulation and adjusts the overall body metabolism.



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