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SleepGift™ - Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in SleepGift's Affiliate Program. We offer Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) Protection products for users to take precautions against to EMF’s health hazards.

The EMF radiation level is rapidly increasing in technology dependent world as scientists are warning the public about its negative effects on our physical and mental health. Public awareness is increasing fast with installation of 5G systems and thousands of more satellites around our planet.

SleepGift’s natural products are becoming more popular as unique tools to protect everyone from invisible but inevitable EMF radiation. By becoming SleepGift’s  Affiliate, you can spread awareness and support a healthier lifestyle by informing the need to limit EMF exposure level to your audience and patients.  We provide you the material to promote our products and educate people about EMF and its health hazards in your community.

Our affiliate program offers excellent opportunity for Health Care Providers, Influencers, Marketers, Store Owners, Advocates, and Entrepreneurs. Please fill out our form below as the first step of our long-term partnership. We will contact you for the next step and make it as easy as possible to start generating income from this special program.