SleepGift EMF Shielding Boxer Brief for Men


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Improves Sperm Quality

EMF Radiation Protection

Antiviral and Antibacterial Properties

Non-allergenic Fabric

Benefits of Silver in Fabric

-Blocks more than 99% EMF radiation

-Antimicrobial effect

-Thermal regulator

-Anti-allergic agent

-Odor reduction

-Improves blood circulation

-Soothing and healing skin irritation

How does EMF affect male fertility? 

RF-EMF radiation has both thermal and non-thermal effects. The first is simple. Most people carry their phones in their pockets at all times. The radiation emitted from phones or computers through wireless signals cause skin surface temperature to rise an average of 2.3 °C after 6 mins of exposure, affecting sperm quality and production due to proximity to the male reproductive organs.

Our high quality EMF shielding boxers can prevent unexplained cases of male infertility. Protecting the organs from long term exposure can revolutionize male reproductive health. Increased awareness of the environmental factors especially digital pollution that impact sperm quality (as well as fertility) help support couples seeking conceive. Using SleepGift’s boxers can be a simple solution for fertility issues due to damages caused by non-stop EMF - RF radiation from today’s home and work environment.