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EMF Protection

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral

Thermal Regulation



SleepGift EMF Protection Baby Blanket is designed to ensure that your little ones sleep, grow, and develop properly by protecting them from electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation and harmful microorganisms.

Who needs this blanket?

Since the dangerous wireless radiation around us is constantly increasing, all babies and children need to be protected. Their sleep health is very critical for their healthy development. Their cells are in active stage with growth and learning. These cellular activities are regulated with body’s own bio-electricity. External electro-magnetic waves disturb their cellular functions and bring permanent damage to their bodies. They can be protected from EMF waves during their long sleep hours in the day and night by using SleepGift blankets. 

What are the features of the SleepGift Baby Blanket?

  • Blocks 99% of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation in any environment
  • EMF shielding fabric is made with silver particles which have antimicrobial properties against infection agents. 
  • Wound and skin healing properties
  • Internal heat regulation and improves circulation
  • Anti odor and anti static

Baby Blanket Size and Weight

  • The size of the SleepGift EMF Protection Baby Blanket is 41” x 32” or 105 x 81 cm
  • The SleepGift Baby has a light weight of 1.5lbs for safe use

Order SleepGift Baby Blanket today and protect your baby from harmful WiFi and 5G radiations!


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