SleepGift 24/7 EMF Protection Blanket


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EMF Protection

Embedded with Silver


Thermal Regulation


SleepGift 24/7 EMF Protection Blanket is an everyday blanket designed to protect you from environmental disturbances. This cozy blanket is made of special silver-infused fabric that blocks out more than 99% of electromagnetic radiation while holding anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Who needs this blanket?

This blanket is designed for:

  • Those who suffer from sleep deprivation, insomnia or sleep loss
  • Those who would like to improve their sleep quality 
  • Those who want to prevent EMF’s side effects during day and night 
  • Those who want to block the wireless signals while watching TV, working with computer, using call phone or just simply reading a book
  • Those who take day naps but feel tired all the time due to environmental EMF 
  • Those who would like to use a daytime blanket or using as a pad
  • Those who is searching protection during travelling especially with airways
  • Those who needs protection from ultraviolet rays from sun in the outdoors 

What are the benefits of SleepGift 24/7 Blanket?

  • This every day EMF protection blanket blocks more than 99% of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation in any environment
  • Blocking wireless and 5G EMF signals protect sleep hormone and serotonin in the body for better sleep 
  • The fabric made with silver particles has antimicrobial effect which protects against infectious diseases
  • The silver particles in the fabric has wound and skin healing properties
  • Silver regulates body temperature and improves sleep quality
  • The blanket has anti-odour and anti-static features due to silver particles 

Size and Weight

  • The size of the SleepGift 24/7 anti-radiation blanket is 56” x 72” or 142 x 184 cm 
  • The SleepGift™ 24/7 blanket has a weight of 3 lbs for multi-functional use and easy transport

Purchase this SleepGift Blanket today and protect your body from constantly increasing EMF radiation for a long term!


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