EMF Shielding Cotton Beanie for Kids with Silver Fiber Fabric


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EMF Protection

Thermal Regulation


Skin Healing


SleepGift EMF Shielding Cotton Hat is made with a lining fabric which has nano-sized silver particles. The particles inside the fabric can absorb EMF and RF radiation over to 99.9% to protect your brain. This effectiveness result proved by Ontario Tech University. You can also wear it as an inner liner for any style of hat you want.


Over 99% protection against harmful 5G / RF and wifi signals. Ontario Tech University conducted a research project on our special fabric. Thorough testing and analysis, the study found that our silver infused fabric is able to diminish a high percentage of harmful signals for wide frequency spectrum at different distances. The test was conducted at different distances and transmitter power levels. All measurements showed the shielding effectiveness of the fabric over 99%.