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The SleepGift EMF Shielding Throw Blanket, proudly crafted in Canada, is an everyday lightweight and breathable blanket designed to protect you from EMF radiation. The EMF exposure we are getting from cell phones, routers, wireless devices, 5G cameras, cell towers and from many other devices in the home and work environment is increasing exponentially. SleepGift blankets are made with special fabric which is made with nano-sized silver particles to block more than 99% of EMF signals.

Since it is lightweight, you can carry this blanket in your bag and in your car, especially during your flights.  Our throw blankets can be used daily if you spend most of your time working with electronics and wireless devices. They are highly recommended for pregnant women to use it as a EMF protection belly wrap. It provides an effortless way to protect your baby from exposure to EMF.

The radiation emitted by electronic devices are breaking down our melatonin and serotonin hormones. These hormones regulate our sleep and mental health. By blocking the signals our body is protected not only against EMF radiation's detrimental effect on sleep and mental health but also its long-term chronic effects such as cancer and DNA changes.

Babies and children are especially vulnerable to EMF health hazards and their developing bodies need to be protected against constant EMF radiation. Our blankets protect adults and children during long hours of sleep and whenever you are exposed to EMF radiation by electronic devices.

This cozy blanket is made of special silver-infused fabric that blocks out 99% of electromagnetic radiation while holding anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.It is layered by using cotton fabric and thin layer of cotton filling.

Benefits of Silver-infused Fabric

- Blocks 99.99% of wireless, microwave and UV radiation

- Silver particles have an anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect, protects against infection agents

- Silver is anti-allergic

- Silver regulates body temperature

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Customer Reviews

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Jay Y
EMF Shielding Throw Blanket

Received my blanket and had the best sleep last night. I will be ordering another one to travel with.