Sometimes unpleasant experiences in life can lead you to surprisingly good outcomes. 

Our story started with my teenager children’s sleep problems during their high school years. They were staying up late, not getting enough sleep and going to school without enough rest. Their academic performance was getting poor. I was also experiencing poor sleep.  

While looking for a safe solution, I read few research articles about impact of weighted blankets on insomnia patients. I sew our first weighted blanket by filling 6 kg of dry small beans.We noticed significant improvement on our sleep and energy. I also found some research papers which documents the strong link between electromagnetic radiation and sleep problems.  EMF breaks down melatonin and serotonin hormones.

I decided to order special silver fabric which can block more than 99% of EMF signals. I used that fabric for my second blanket. After testing our improved version of weighted blanket, my family’s sleep problems were mostly resolved. I got the same response from other family members and test cases. That is how our commercial products and our brand SleepGift were born. We bring you the best gift for your health and wellness; good quality sleep! -

- Tina Ureten, MD, PhD


Meet the Founders of SleepGift

Tina Ureten

Tina is a physician and started her career working with UNICEF to improve the health of those in under-serviced areas. She then worked at a university hospital, became involved with several research projects, and eventually received her Ph.D. degree. When Tina came to Canada, she shifted her focus from the medical field to the health business field as she recognized the gaps in the market’s needs. She founded the first and most established pregnancy ultrasound franchise organization that has been steadily growing for 18 years.

Donna Costa

Donna is a digital marketing, business development and e-commerce professional. Before coming to Canada, she had extensive travel and work experience in marketing and business development field in the international markets. She has been working with Tina for more than ten years in another Canadian franchise business. This other company has become the biggest and most established name in pregnancy ultrasound services in all major cities in Canada. She completed her university degree and MBA from the top universities in Manila, Philippines. She has a Digital Marketing and Communications certificate from McGill University.

SleepGift™ Blankets

Our Mission

Our mission is to make everyone aware of health risks of electromagnetic fields (EMF)
exposure while we are getting more and more depend on the technologies using EMF. The level of EMF and its power is exponentially increasing. Since it is invisible to human eye, the ongoing digital pollution of our planet with EMG signals shouldn’t be ignored.
Like many scientists from all over the world, we put extra effort to wake people up for
intentionally neglected health impacts of man-made EMF radiation

The new generation of human beings would develop, grown and live under dense EMF, and its long term effects are not known. We strongly believe that children and their parents need to be advocated about EMF’s health risks and how to change habits for technology to do the damage control. We think with adding our protective, EMF shielding products to your daily life, you can prevent EMF’s long term health hazards. As a women owned business, we adapted a strong corporate culture behind SleepGift Brand with giving priority to social responsibility, equality, diversity and being environmentally friendly.