How Can SleepGift™ Improve Your Sleep?

Testimonial from T.M on her improved sleeping experience after using our SleepGift Weighted Blanekt.
Testimonial from T.M.

100% Improved Sleep

For me 100% improved sleep! The weight took some getting used to but I find I crave it now! I noticed initially an increase in REM sleep and also vivid dreams, so that was interesting. When I can I will also use it to meditate, and I have found it assists with slowing down my mind faster than when I meditated without the blanket. I testified in three trials over the course of a week and it greatly assisted me in managing the physiological manifestation of anxiety (ie. tightness of arms and legs, constricted breathing, and butterflies in my stomach). I think the SleepGift™ Weighted Blanket in conjunction with meditation is amazingly impactful!

Have You Tried SleepGift™ Blankets?

Sleep problems and insomnia are effecting 20-35% of adults in North America. Long term sleep deprivation at young age can cause chronic and serious health issues. Falling into sleep gets easier and lasts longer with SleepGift™ Blankets.

What's the Science Behind Our Blankets?

Our SleepGift™ Blankets are infused with silver particles that release positive ions that bind to negatively charged bacteria and viruses, stopping their reproduction.

This provides protection against everyday germs and bacteria, preventing infections, and controlling foul body odour when the silver is in contact with skin.

Positively charged silver ions create a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation away from the body, such as a mirror reflecting light. This effect stimulates the body’s existing conductivity, improving blood circulation, temperature balance and general healing.

Since the particles in our SleepGift™ Blankets are directly infused into yarn fibre, the silver never gets washed away during the washing process and never loses its benefits.

SleepGift™ Blankets are designed to provide Far Infrared Ray (FIR) energy for your body, which improves blood circulation and skin complexion. Far-Infrared expands capillaries which stimulate increased blood flow, regeneration, oxygen, and circulation. Other benefits include:

- Strengthens the cardiovascular system

- Improve detoxification

- Wound healing

- Cancer support

- Relaxation and pain/aches management

- Immunity boosting

Far Infrared Rays are found in nature, and also in our SleepGift™ Weighted Blanket. They’re emitted by natural sunlight and not visible to the human eye. These lights carry energy and are beneficial to our health. All living bodies absorb and emit FIR energy. The health benefits are shown by many researchers and the healing effect of FIR was known by ancient cultures.

Chinese, Romans, and Fins were using the healing powers of FIR for their sickness. FIR is also known as “miracle light”, “healing power of God”, or “gift from God”.

BB Holistics’ SleepGift™ Blankets are innovated to help consumers protect themselves from EMFs adverse effects during the night and bring them healthier outcomes.

How can We Resolve Your Sleep Problems

Low serotonin level

How Does SleepGift™ Blankets Help?
The weight from SleepGiftWeighted Blankets stimulates nerve endings and sends relaxation messages to the brain.

How Does it Improve Your Sleep?
The brain releases serotonin hormone, which is the precursor of melatonin hormone. The blood level of these 2 hormones are very crucial for sleep and mental well being.

Exposure to blue light and EMFs signal

How Does SleepGift™ Blankets Help?
Silver-infused fabric of SleepGift Blankets blocks blue light and wireless radiation that surrounds you.

How Does it Improve Your Sleep?
EMF signals have a negative effect on brain cells. By blocking these signals, the brain reserves the biological clock and produces sleep hormones by circadian rhythm.

Stress and burnout

How Does SleepGift™ Blankets Help?
Far Infrared Ray (FIR) energy and aromatherapy (with lavender seeds) have a relaxation and anti-depressive effect.

How Does it Improve Your Sleep?
FIR improves blood circulation and cellular health. Aromatherapy and FIR increases serotonin and melatonin levels.

Anxiety and depression

How Does SleepGift™ Blankets Help?
Replicates the feeling of being hugged & massaged, FIR and aromatherapy provides increased serotonin, and EMF radiation blockage helps the body to maintain healthy hormone levels.

How Does it Improve Your Sleep?
Feeling cocooned and hugged by SleepGift Weighted Blankets can produce more serotonin and melatonin.

Toxins, chemicals and metabolic waste accumulation in the cells

How Does SleepGift™ Blankets Help?
Increased blood circulation from FIR makes the body's cleaning and repair functions easier.

How Does it Improve Your Sleep?
The body's oxygen level increases by boosting blood circulation and the brain works better with higher oxygen level.

Infections with virus, bacteria or fungus

How Does SleepGift™ Blankets Help?
Silver minerals have an anti-microbic effect and destroys disease-causing microorganisms; FIR improves functions of the immune system.

How Does it Improve Your Sleep?
The immune system works better and the body has protection against infectious agents.

Painful conditions

How Does SleepGift™ Blankets Help?
Serotonin stimulation by FIR, EMF radiation shielding, weight of blanket and aromatherapy effect.

How Does it Improve Your Sleep?
Serotonin increases the threshold for pain and provides deeper sleep which also alleviates chronic pain.

Increased body temperature, hot flushes

How Does SleepGift™ Blankets Help?
Silver minerals in the fabric regulates body temperature; the air circulation from the fabric prevents sweating during the night.

How Does it Improve Your Sleep?
Regulated body temperature provides comfortable sleep without interruption from sweating and hot sensation.

Airway paassage probems

How Does SleepGift™ Blankets Help?
FIR energy cleans up inflammation and swelling in the airways by increasing blood circulation.

How Does it Improve Your Sleep?
Breathing during sleep improves and guaranteed a restful night.

Restless Leg Syndrome

How Does SleepGift™ Blankets Help?
FIR, EMF blocking, weight and aromatherapy features provide deeper and longer sleep.

How Does it Improve Your Sleep?
Good quality sleep helps to alleviate your stress, and your legs are able to rest during the prolong sleep period.

What are the Benefits of Silver in Our Blankets?

Silver-infused fabrics provide excellent protection against electromagnetic (EMF) radiation, radio-frequency (RF) radiation, and ultraviolet (UV) waves.

Our SleepGift™ Blankets use Okotex Certified, silver infused textiles making them safe to use on adults, children and babies.