These days, children risk exposure to numerous electromagnetic fields, raising concerns among parents and caregivers. According to the WHO, EMF exposure is nothing new, but since the 20th century, exposure to digital pollution has been on the rise. This is due to the growing demand for electricity and innovative technologies. Moreover, vast differences in our social behavior have led to more artificial sources of EMFs.

To better understand why parents are worried about their children being exposed to EMFs, let’s discuss why they’re more vulnerable and how you can protect them.

What Are the Types of EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs for short, are electromagnetic waves with a frequency lower than 300 GHz.Generally, exposure to EMFs falls into two major categories: radio frequencies and extremely low frequencies. Radio frequencies range between 30 kHz and 300 GHz and involve 5G radiation, WiFi, and mobile devices. On the other hand, extremely low frequencies range between 3 and 3,000 Hz, so they involve in-house wiring and high-voltage transmission lines.

How Do EMFs Affect the Human Body?

Research indicates a correlation between EMF exposure and a higher risk of developing different cancers, such as brain tumors and leukemia. This is due to electromagnetic fields’ carcinogenic nature. Based on an evaluation by theInternational Agency for Research on Cancer, radio frequencies and extremely low frequencies were classified as potential human carcinogens.

The increased exposure can also contribute to electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which includes various non-specific symptoms targeting different organs. They cause acute and chronic inflammation in the various organ systems, such as the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Why Are Children More Vulnerable to EMFs?

It’s generally agreed upon that children are at a higher risk of developing cancer after radiation exposure. That’s because their organs are still developing, which means that cells are forming and dividing at a rapid pace. And since they have a higher life expectancy, it gives plenty of time for cancer to develop.

In addition, children’s skin is thinner, which allows EMF radiation to penetrate the body and affect the cells easily. One study even proves that children's brain tissue absorbs twice as much microwave radiation as adults’ brains. Compared to adults, they breathe in more air for their size, which is another reason children face a higher risk of EMF exposure.

The central nervous systems in children have a higher rate of EMF absorption. This is because the radiofrequency source is closer, and children have thinner layers of skin and bone. Consequently, they face a higher likelihood of bone marrow exposure, which varies with age.

There are plenty of studies showing that children are more susceptible to EMF radiation as well. For instance, one1996 study shows that microwave radiation could penetrate deeper into children’s brains than adults’ brains. Specifically, it has more potent effects on children between the ages of 5 and 10. Naturally, this can be attributed to how children's bones are still developing, so the skull likely allows radiation to pass through easily.

Effect of EMFs on the Fetus

Besides children, pregnant women and fetuses have a higher risk of absorbing electromagnetic radiation, which can disrupt embryonic development. Research shows a link between exposure to EMFs, such as cell phone radiation, and a higher risk of miscarriage.

In one 2017 study, results indicated that pregnant women who faced higher levels of exposure to radiation from cell towers and wireless devices were three times more likely to miscarry than those who faced low levels of exposure.

How to Protect Our Children from EMF Exposure?

Ideally, the best way to prevent EMF exposure in children is to maintain distance from the source of radiation. Of course, this is impossible, considering how people everywhere are carrying sources of EMF radiation in their pockets. Children spend most of their time at school and home, which gives parents and teachers an excellent opportunity to limit EMF exposure.

Limiting Exposure to Wireless Devices

An effective way to limit EMF radiation exposure at school is for the management to opt for wired internet connections instead of WiFi. Similarly, teachers should try to keep their use of wireless devices at a minimum.

At home, make sure that you limit your child’s screen time, as well as yours. After all, children model whatever grownups do. So telling them to stop watching YouTube videos while you're glued to the phone won’t be as effective.

Try to get them to engage in other activities with you, like going on walks, baking, or playing board games.

Protective Measures for Bedtime

But even though EMF radiation is always around 24 hours a day, keeping your child’s bedroom free of devices that spread radiation can be effective. This means keeping your phones and other wireless devices like tablets and baby monitors away from your child’s bedroom. As an added measure, you can turn off the WiFi router before going to bed. This is one way to avoid exposure to EMF radiation while sleeping, which is important to help your child get restful sleep.

But if you can’t help but keep a baby monitor in your child’s room, you can opt for a protective blanket that limits your child’s exposure to EMFs as they sleep. SleepGift’sinnovative baby blankets are made using silver-infused fabric that effectively blocks up to 99 percent of EMF radiation.

Consequently, their body maintains a steady level of melatonin and serotonin while sleeping. Getting better sleep is crucial for children’s developing bodies, as it boosts the immune system and ensures improved mental health and wellness.


Now that you know what EMF radiation is and how it can affect your children, it’s time to step up and advocate for your child’s health. Parents everywhere are looking for ways to protect their children from higher risks of EMF exposure. That’s where children-focused brands like SleepGift provide exceptional solutions that keep children healthy and safe.


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