Most of us know that providing a child with the best possible start to life begins in the womb as many health outcomes of a child can be linked to prenatal conditions. So, you watch what you eat, take your prenatal vitamins, stay away from alcohol and lead a stress-free life. But it’s just not enough in today’s world.

Nowadays, technology makes the world go around. The conveniences of technology have been nothing short of a miracle but unfortunately, it comes with a cost.

Most of the world’s population owns a smartphone -- up to 94% in countries with advanced economies. These technological devices emit harmful non-ionizing electromagnetic field radiation at very high frequencies. Inevitably, we suffer the risks associated with the biological interaction between the human body and radiation exposure from technology.

How does EMF impact the human body?

Before discussing the truth behind EMF and pregnancy, it is vital to understand at what level our body is affected. Electronic devices need electrical currents to pass through a circuit to perform specific functions. These circuits create energy as a by-product producing what is called an electric and magnetic field more commonly known as EMF. An electromagnetic field releases a spectrum of invisible energy waves to the naked eye.

Our cells, tissues, and organs all function via their own bioelectricity to control metabolic processes and more. However, our bioelectricity is disrupted by EMF resulting in changes to our body’s cellular functions, and the production of very important hormones. Even low levels of EMF exposure can damage the body, from heating cells to breaking DNA strands, ultimately disrupting all bodily processes.

Studies depict EMF as a pregnancy hazard.

The World Health Organization and 1000s of scientists worldwide have articulated that “EMFs are major sources of digital pollutants which harm human health”. Pregnant women and fetuses are vulnerable to the absorption of electromagnetic radiation, which can impact cells involved in embryonic development. 

Many studies have linked EMF exposure to an increased risk of miscarriages. For instance, the Kaiser Permanente cohort study published in 2017 followed 913 women throughout their pregnancy. The results depict that mothers with higher EMF exposure were 3x more likely to miscarry than the low exposure group. 

These results are also depicted in rodent studies. Mice exposed to EMF produced 60% less offspring due to miscarriages or fetal deformities. 

Another study determined that the absorption of EMF can increase the body’s temperature by 1-2 degrees Celsius. This change in body temperature can impact cells involved in embryo development.

Furthermore, EMF absorbed by pregnant women has been linked to changes in fetal temperature. During pregnancy, the placenta serves as a bridge between fetal membranes and maternal tissues. Thus, changes in placental temperature can impact the exchange of nutrients, metabolic processes as well as placental blood flow patterns, ultimately impacting the fetus. 

Risks of EMF Exposure

Include, but are not limited to:

  • Delirious effects on the infant’s nervous system
  • Impacts on immunity and reproduction
  • Damage to the serotonin hormone (happiness hormone)
  • Damage to the melatonin hormone (hormone that aids in sleep regulation)
  • Increases risk factors for disabilities such as ADHD for the infant

How can you limit EMF exposure?

The world runs on technology and the pandemic continues to promote larger technological use. There is no running away from this invisible sea of radiation – it follows us everywhere 24/7. However, there are ways you can actively limit exposure.

Avoiding EMF radiation while you sleep is the best way to limit exposure as it can help the body rejuvenate. SleepGift blankets are made with silver-infused fabric which blocks 99% of EMF radiation.

With protection from EMF’s harmful properties, the body can preserve a healthy level of serotonin and melatonin hormones during the long sleep hours. The result is maintaining health and wellness through better sleep, a stronger immune system, and improved memory and well-being.

Furthermore, setting a limit on screen time, turning the wifi router off before bed and keeping devices away from your body can all prove beneficial while trying to limit the effects of EMF.

These precautionary strategies can aid to protect against the damaging impacts EMF has on one’s physiological health. As research in this field continues to prosper, it is important to have an increased awareness of environmental hazards to ensure you can provide your baby with the best possible start to life!


Written by:  Krishna Patel


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