Given the current day and age, we interact daily with devices that use electricity and Bluetooth, which are almost unavoidable. Before we get into what this blog post discusses and the scientific evidence that explores the connection between the EMFs (the radiation from devices) and male reproductive health, let me tell you a story.

A healthy 30-year-old man lives in a first-world country and is an average person. He watches movies in bed and laughs with his wife in front of the TV. One day he gets an unsuspecting text; he reaches his hand into his pant pocket and finds out the text is actually from the fertility clinic, informing him that he has fertility problems and that his sperm quality is poor.

Linking Male Fertility to EMF

This scenario illustrates a devastating problem that is occurring to many men today. These cases which link EMF to poor fertility outcomes for men have been a prominent part of history, with the first case dating back to the 1960s. This unsuspecting culprit could be an invisible agent that is normalized in our daily lives and is probably being absorbed into your body as you read this.

Now, what is this invisible agent called RF-EMF, and why is it potentially dangerous - seeing as it was deemed by the International Agency of Cancer as a level 2B substance, possibly carcinogenic electropollution?

EMF as Carcinogenic Electropollution

RF-EMF or radiofrequency electromagnetic fields are caused by an electric current that releases energy emissions. As previously mentioned, any device that uses electricity, Bluetooth, radio signals, and microwaves all emit EMFs.

On the electromagnetic spectrum, these energy emissions released in the form of waves are divided into ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Some examples of ionizing radiation include x-rays, nuclear energy and UV-rays. Although RF-EMF is a part of the non-ionizing radiation type, which is weaker than ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation is still quite dangerous. It affects our DNA and cells.

Given the sedentary lifestyle many of us live, we spend as much as 12 hours a day in front of TVs and computers, which enables our cellphones to come in very close contact with our skin regularly. In other words, the high levels of exposure to EMFs increase the exposure and severity of EMF radiation.

Correlation of Male Fertility to Sperm Motility and Viability

In relation to male fertility, many studies have shown a correlation between EMF radiation and decreased sperm motility and viability - which are measures of sperm quality. Motility is how strong the sperm is at moving (if it can swim in a straight line) and is correlated with fertility. A correlation between EMF is also seen with decreased sperm viability. Viability of sperm is whether or not the sperm is alive and healthy, which is pertinent to reaching and fertilizing an egg.

Now, how do these invisible rays physically disturb our biological processes?

RF-EMF has both thermal and non-thermal effects. The first is simple. Most people carry their phones in their pockets at all times. This radiation emitted from our phones or computers through wireless signals cause skin surface temperature to rise an average of 2.3 °C after 6 mins of exposure, affecting sperm quality and production due to proximity to the male reproductive organs.

An increase in the testes’ temperature can affect spermatogenesis (sperm production), which is why during puberty, the testis moves outside the body to the scrotum (for temperature regulation). The non-thermal effects increase the production of ROS, an oxygen-containing reactive species essential in various reactions in fertilization; however can cause DNA damage to biological tissue.

How can we limit the radiation exposure?

You may be thinking about how it is possible to prevent some of this inevitable radiation from affecting the conception of future generations. With SleepGift blankets, the special fabrics which contain natural silver particles help to block out 99% of the EMF radiation.

SleepGift weighted blankets are the only weighted blankets developed by a medical doctor by combining Far Infra Ray emitting bioceramic beads, EMF radiation shielding, antimicrobic silver, and aromatherapy in the same blanket.

In addition, SleepGift products aid with improving sleep quality, boosting mood, releasing bodily tension, cleansing toxins with better blood circulation, and reducing risks of depression and anxiety.

With this prevention method, the large unexplained cases of male infertility can possibly be resolved, dramatically revolutionizing male reproductive health. Increased awareness and a more thorough understanding of the environmental factors that impact sperm quality (as well as fertility) all help support people seeking fertility treatments.



Written by:  Michelle Cai


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