Smartphone and computer use is ubiquitous, with over 47.1% and 6.8 billion subscribers, respectively. As the number of mobile users increases, so do concerns regarding potential public health impact.

Many studies found that exposure to radio frequency waves can cause various health problems. Besides, the number of calls and time spent on cellular phones can increase health risks. So being overly connected with electromagnetic field (EMF) radiating devices can lead to physical and mental concerns.

This blog post will examine how radio frequency from computers and cell phones can harm human health. We will also provide actionable tips to minimize your radiation exposure.

Computers, Cell Phones, and Radio Frequency Energy

Computers and mobile phones transmit low-frequency, non-ionizing radiofrequency energy. Electromagnetic radiation has direct and indirect effects on human health.

For instance, the heat from electromagnetic waves can damage tissues and organs. But the indirect effects due to EMF do not significantly impact human health.

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What are the Potential Impacts of Radiation on Human Health?

Many scientific studies are underway to review the effects of radiofrequency on human health. Here we discuss the potential impact of radiation from cellular devices:

The Short-Term Effects of Radio Frequency

As we discussed, radio frequency leads to tissue heating in the human body. Most of the frequencies used by electronic devices are absorbed by the skin and tissues, causing a temperature rise in the body.

An insightful study reveals that temperature effects vary in the organs of adults and children. While children experience a significant increase in brain temperature, adults notice an increase in skin temperature. Further research reveals that children are at a greater risk of developing brain cancer since their nervous systems are developing.

Moreover, multiple studies show the effect of radiofrequency exposure on brain electrical activity, blood pressure, cognitive function, sleep cycle, and heart rate. But research has failed to prove a causal relationship between exposure to EMF emission and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

The Long-Term Impacts of Radiation  

Most scientific research examining the risks of long-term radio frequency exposure has looked for a link between cellular devices and brain tumors. The IARC ranks cellular radiation as “possibly carcinogenic.” That means radio frequency can cause a risk of carcinogenicity.

In addition, several multinational epidemiological studies, including case-cohort and prospective cohort studies, are researching the long-term use of mobile phones. Controlled research in Denmark found an increased risk of a brain tumor and heavy use of mobile phones.

Many studies showcase a link between EMF exposure and numerous health concerns, ranging from headaches to fertility problems and cell damage. Research also suggests that long-term exposure to radiation from mobile phones and computers can lead to learning impairment and spatial memory deficit.

What Other Ways Can Computer and Cell Phone Radiations Harm Human Health?

The increased use of computers and mobile phones can lead to the following physical and mental health issues.

Fatigue and Eye Disorders

Exposure to radio frequency emitted by cellular devices and computers can cause acute headaches and fatigue. Additionally, the radiation can weaken the retinas, damaging our eyes and causing eye disorders.

According to research, over 88% of people who use laptops for three (3) hours struggle with dry eye syndrome and fatigue. Dry eye syndrome may appear as discomfort, sensitive eye, itchy and sandy eyes, blurry vision, and eye aches.

Mental Health Problems

Our bodies recognize cell phone and computer radiations as a carrier of information disrupting the body’s biochemical balance and metabolism. Radiofrequency interrupts natural physiological processes, triggering the increased growth of intracellular free radicals.

In addition, it can cause genetic damage, leakage in the blood-brain barrier, and physical stress leading to the secretion of hormones by the hypothalamus. It can also lead to the neuro-degeneration of the basal nuclei and hippocampus.

The significant change in hippocampal formation can cause anxiety and depression, poor learning, and memory issues.

Fertility Issues

Multiple scientific studies show that high exposure to radio frequency can negatively impact the reproductive system. Ionizing cell phones and computer radiation can affect our body’s chemical and molecular structures.

Further research proves that EMF radiations can affect fetal development, sex hormones, gonadal function, and pregnancy. An in-depth study found that women exposed to high concentrations of cell phone radiation experienced higher fetal risks, including premature birth and low birth weight.

Skin Damage 

The radiation emitted from phones, tablets, and computers affects human skin. Many studies report that the emissions cause an increase in temperature, facial dermatitis, hypersensitivity, and burning sensations.

Other research found that the harmful radiofrequency from cellular devices can lead to swollen rashes, blisters, itchiness, dryness, flake-offs, and skin discoloration. Besides, the blue light from electronic devices can create eye bags, worsen acne, and accelerate skin aging.

Ways to Minimize Exposure to Radiation from Electronic Equipment

The best way to minimize the negative impacts of radio frequencies is to take precautions. Here are several steps to take to protect yourself:

  • Keep your cell phone and computer as far away from your ear and lap as possible. Better yet, use wired headphones and radiation-free air tube headphones.
  • Avoid using Bluetooth headsets, as these act as mini wireless antennas and emit EMF into your ear and head. As a result, these pose severe radiation hazards.
  • Ensure your phone isn’t running apps or GPS in the background. Moreover, turn off the cellular data option to minimize emissions.     
  • Minimize the use of mobile phones and laptops. Choose text over calling and use the speaker or wired headphones when talking.
  • Keep cell phones and laptops out of the bedroom. Try to sleep with an EMF protection blanket that effectively blocks EMF radiation. SleepGift 24/7 EMF Protection Blanket is made of silver fiber, making it antibacterial and anti-viral.

The Bottom Line

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that the intensity of radiofrequency radiation decreases when held away from the body. Moreover, laptop computers are considerably less harmful when unplugged.

So, to mitigate the harmful effects of wireless radiation, follow the discussed precautions. While it sounds impossible, reducing the time spent on electronic devices can greatly improve your health!


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