With the exponential increase in electric vehicles' popularity in transportation, electric cars' electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have aroused increasingly public concerns.

Consumers now have a range of choices, from hybrids to plug-in hybrids to all-electric cars like Tesla when buying an electric vehicle.  In 2010, about 17,000 electric cars were on the world’s roads. In 2019, that number reached 7.2 million. By 2040, it is estimated that over half of all new cars worldwide will be powered by batteries.

Are electric cars really the better option?

Is there a risk of EMF radiation exposure?

It’s no question that high-tech electric cars emit a gasless pollutant: Electromagnetic Field Radiation, also known as EMF radiation.

The EMFs are induced by the electric powertrains or by a portion of the electric system, such as in the power cables, inverters, batteries, or wireless communication systems.

Passengers sit very close to an electric system of serious power, usually for a substantial period of time. The high currents achieved in these systems and the short distances between the power devices and the passengers could mean exposure to relevant magnetic fields, potentially affecting our health.   

EMF Radiation Risks from Electric Cars

You cannot see the EMF radiation emitted by electronic devices. However, the repercussions for intense or prolonged doses include cell damage, DNA fragmentation, fertility problems and neurological effects that can lead to health disorders and behavioural issues.

There are two types of EMF radiation that comes from electric cars:

  • Extremely Low Frequency

    (ELF) - emitted from all electronic devices, originating from their batteries, parts or internal circuitry.
  • Radio Frequency

    (RF) is emitted only from devices with wireless connections, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular phone service.

ELF radiation emits at a lower frequency than RF radiation, but both can cause biological effects in humans and the environment.

The closer you are to the transmitter in an electronic device, the more you are exposed to the radiation, leading to a higher risk of developing adverse health effects.

In electric cars, a big battery is being used close to your body, with electronic circuitry running around the edge of the cabin.

This can expose you to increased amounts of ELF radiation.

EMFs can affect human neuro-psychological functions in eye-hand coordination, short-term memory and attention, visual function, and reaction time. Human neuro-psychological functions have also been linked to distracted driving.

Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure While Driving Electric Cars:

All cars are electronic in nature, specifically electric and hybrid cars. Escaping EMF exposure within your automobile can be challenging since the motor is based on an electrical current that flows from the front to the back of the car.

However, avoiding the potentially high levels of EMF radiations is essential because of the link between adverse health symptoms and short and long-term EMF exposure.

Ways to Limit EMF Exposure While Driving Electric Cars:

  • Make your car an electronic-free zone. Try not to bring your unnecessary electronic devices on road trips or short car rides.

  • Turn your phone on "Airplane Mode" or turn it off until you reach your destination. Cell phones produce EMF radiation that can multiply within the confines of your car. You can still use your GPS on airplane mode if you need navigation.

  • If you want your phone’s tunes, it’s best to play a pre-downloaded music playlist and hook up your car via audio cable instead of using Bluetooth. If you use Bluetooth, make sure your phone is at least one foot away from you. You may also disable the front speakers and only have music playing on the back speakers to reduce EMF exposure coming from the sound system.

  • Lastly and most simply, use a SleepGift EMF Blocking Blanket to protect 99.9% of EMFs against your body. Easily portable to the car and great to use for long road-trips.


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    Written by: Melissa Ureten