Do you have a busy mind and sleepless nights? Anxiety sometimes seems to be the worst at night. Below are some helpful tips to quiet your mind and body before bed to get better sleep.

1. Stay up when you're not tired.

If you want to go to bed, but you're not sleepy, try doing something relaxing before bed. Take a warm bath or listen to soothing music.

If you go to bed with racing thoughts, it could lead to insomnia.

2. Relax your muscles completely.

Allow your muscles to relax fully. Lie down and let your body go limp. Take a deep breath and deeply exhale. Release your muscles one by one, starting from your toes.

Notice how your body feels.

3. Make your bedroom a screen-free zone.

Phones, tablets and other electronic devices can interfere with your sleep. This is because they give off blue light, which signals your body to stop making melatonin while signalling your brain to stay alert.

Having no light and no electronics around you can help you sleep better and longer.

4. Meditate

Find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Focus on breathing deeply. You can also repeat positive affirmations such as "I am at peace."

Once you learn how to calm your mind down, you'll find it easier to drift off at night.

5. Try some night yoga.

Many people say yoga helps them sleep better. A child's pose is recommended at night. Kneel on your knees with your feet touching together. Separate your knees from your hips and sink your chest to your thighs. Stay in this position for 3-5 minutes. Don't forget to breathe!

6. Gentle breathing

In a quiet place, sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breathe in and out for about 5 minutes. Focus on your belly, inhaling and exhaling.

Enjoy the relaxation!


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