99% EMF Blocking Effectiveness of SleepGift Blankets

Exciting Company Milestone: Validation and Proof of SleepGift Weighted Blanket’s Ability to Block 99% of EMF and Protect Us from the Damaging Effects

We are thrilled to share an incredible milestone our team at SleepGift achieved — validation and proof of the EMF shielding feature in our weighted blankets made with nano-sized silver mineral infusion in the fabric.

Protecting yourself from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), WiFi signals, and 5G radiation has become increasingly vital as technology advances. Rest assured that when using our premium weighted blankets, your body will benefit from deep pressure therapy and receive added protection against these potential stressors.


The Power Behind Our Silver-Infused Weighted Blankets

At SleepGift, innovation never sleeps—we continuously strive toward excellence so you can experience optimal relaxation during bedtime routines. Through the rigorous testing processes was conducted by independent third-party labs (Ontario Tech University) specializing in EMF detection methods. They have validated the effectiveness of integrating silver into each blanket fiber, which effectively blocks out potentially harmful waves that may disrupt peacefulness essential for recharging mind and body energy levels.


Our Commitment: Your Pathway Towards Better Sleep Quality

Sleep plays a paramount role in maintaining overall health and wellness—one good night’s rest holds immense power over productivity and mental clarity throughout your daily endeavors.

Here at SleepGift, we remain committed to providing products designed specifically for health-conscious individuals like yourself who heavily rely on sound nights' rest. We take pride in curating an extensive range of sleep essentials, from our renowned weighted blankets to convenient travel companions and the miraculous stone shungite. With each product meticulously crafted with your well-being at heart, you can count on SleepGift to deliver elevated comfort that nurtures your health journey.


Results of Scientific Research: Discover How SleepGift EMF Blocking Blankets Protect You from EMF Radiation

Are you concerned about the potential health risks of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure?

Look no further than our SleepGift blankets. Manufactured with nano-sized silver mineral infusion, these innovative blankets are designed to reduce EMF radiation in your daily life. This report delves into validating their shielding effectiveness and reveals how they can provide a non-intrusive solution to mitigate EMF exposure.


The Science Behind SleepGift EMF Protection Blankets: Unveiling the Technology

The secret behind SleepGift shielding blankets lies in the silver-infused fabric. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) images reveal that our fabric contains an ultra-thin silver coating on the threads, approximately 0.1 microns thick. Although not visible under normal light, this coating is vital in shielding you from harmful radiation.


Thorough Testing and Analysis

To validate the efficacy of our blankets, the research team conducted rigorous experiments using two antennas inside a Faraday box. They obtained valuable insights into their shielding effectiveness and ability to shield against EMF radiation by varying transmitter power levels and distances between the shield and receiver.


Shielding Effectiveness vs Frequency

Through comprehensive experimentation, we established that both light and weighted SleepGift blankets exhibit a remarkable shielding effectiveness percentage exceeding 99% across the entire frequency spectrum used by most telecommunication devices (100 MHz to 6 GHz). Whether you opt for a light or weighted blanket option, you can trust that your blanket will consistently deliver high-shielding performance.


Findings and Results

The findings demonstrate that our light and weighted blankets exhibit an impressive shielding effectiveness percentage exceeding 99% across the entire frequency spectrum (100MHz to 6GHz). Even when decreasing transmitter power levels or increasing distances from the shield, our blankets consistently maintained high shielding effectiveness.


Maintaining Consistent Protection

As we delved deeper into our research, it became evident that proximity played a role in signal strength rather than shielding effectiveness. Even as the distance between the transmitter and shield increased, both types of blankets maintained shielding percentages close to 99%. This indicates that regardless of how far away you are from your device or protected environment, SleepGift blankets continue safeguarding you with unwavering efficiency.


Unwavering Shielding Effectiveness of 99%

Our experiments also revealed how the blankets responded to changes in transmitter power levels. As expected, a decrease in power led to weaker signals and a corresponding decline in shielding effectiveness percentages. However, even at lower power levels, SleepGift blankets managed to maintain a remarkable level of protection, consistently eclipsing the 99% mark.

Whether it's at different transmitter power levels or measurement placements on the shield, our blankets continue to demonstrate remarkable performance. This proves that regardless of where you use them within the blanket or how close you are to the source of EMF radiation, SleepGift's weighted blankets made of silver fibers offer persistently high shielding effectiveness. 


Concluding Remarks

With electronic devices becoming an integral part of our lives, addressing the potential risks associated with EMF exposure is crucial. The study affirms that SleepGift's silver-infused weighted blankets effectively reduce your exposure to EMF radiation without compromising comfort.

This study demonstrates SleepGift’s exceptional ability to mitigate a significant percentage of EMF signals across a broad frequency spectrum while maintaining a consistent shielding effectiveness of around 99%.

You may view and download the report from Ontario Tech University for more details.