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 SleepGift™ strives to provide the sleep everyone deserves, and with that come benefits such as EMF protection and FIR energy release for better sleep. 


SleepGift™ EMF Weighted Blanket is a reinvented weighted blanket designed with 6 medically and scientifically proven features to improve your sleep and health.


Benefits of SleepGift™  EMF Weighted Blanket

  • Blocks 99% of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation to protect melatonin and serotonin hormones production
  • Contains bioceramic beads to comfortably stimulates your nerves to release the sleep hormone
  • Provides Far Infrared Ray energy (FIR) to promote blood circulation and boosts your immune system
  • Made with a natural filling that absorbs and regulates the body’s heat
  • Subtly infused with lavender for calming and relaxation 
  • Embedded with silver particles for antiviral, antibacterial, anti-odour, and skin healing properties


Who needs this EMF Shielding Blanket?

This blanket is suitable for those who are looking for:

  • Protection against harmful EMF radiation
  • Eliminating microorganisms
  • Stimulating serotonin and melatonin hormones to fall asleep quicker
  • Sleep deprivation and insomnia sufferers
  • Anxiety and depression sufferers
  • Patients who cannot maintain good sleep and feel tired during the day
  • Patients with memory and learning problems
  • Patients of Electro-magnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome
  • Prevention from long-term, chronic health hazards of EMF

 Why is it important to have EMF protection?

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) is a type of radiation emitted by electronic devices, cell towers, high voltage or 5G poles, smartphones and computers around us. We can’t see, feel, touch or smell EMF, but it has a destructive effect on our bodies, especially our nervous system. One of the main side effects of chronic EMF exposure is the disruption of melatonin (sleep) and serotonin (happiness) hormones, leading to insomnia and mental health problems. Our patent-pending SleepGift™ Blankets can decrease your body's exposure to those signals by up to 99.9%, and they can protect you from the harmful and long-term effects of EMF radiation and 5G signals.



Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve sustainability by acting in the best interest of our planet while offering our customers safer, healthier, and natural solutions.

We aim to bring awareness to the often-neglected issue of the potential health impacts of overexposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from electronic devices by educating parents about the risks associated with child EMF exposure during early development stages.


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