Sleep affects our body organs' performance. And it certainly affects the functioning of our brain. Sleep plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy immune system, mental function, body temperature and blood pressure, which are all essential for good health. Insomnia is a serious threat to our health. It is considered as dangerous as smoking, according to some experts.

  • Insomnia patients have higher risk of developing diabetes. The link is proven by showing decreased response to insulin by sleep deprived people.
  • Chronic poor sleep increases the risk of dementia. The beta amyloid which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease is cleaned from the brain during sleep.
  • Ability to learn, maintaining short or long term memory is impaired by insomnia. Signs of aging get accelerated by chronically deprived sleep and long term insomnia.
  • Stomach releases more hunger hormones without enough sleep and it makes us eat more than we need, causing obesity.
  • Cognitive functions such as decision making and problem solving are negatively affected by sleep loss.
  • Sleep problems are a criterion for both depression and bipolar disorder. 80% of patients with depression have poor sleep quality.
  • Immune system functions get disrupted by sleep deprivation. You can easily catch any infection after sleepless nights.
  • Sleep problems also increase the risk of mood disorder, irritation and irrational behaviour.
  • Less than 6 hours sleep a night brings increased risk of depression, psychosis and stroke.
  • Studies show a link between sleep disorders and increased cancer & mortality rate.

According to some experts since natural sleep has many different stages and cycles, artificially manipulating sleep with drugs or devices does not solve the problem. It only puts a temporary solution and actually makes it worse in the long term. Finding a safe, non-toxic solution for your sleep problems should be your first choice.

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