Shungite is regarded as a magical healing stone because of its unique features and natural protective properties. Some of its health benefits include EMF protection, water purification treatment, and oxidation prevention (antioxidants)

What gives Shungite its healing properties?

Shungite is a magical natural rock made with abundant carbon molecules which are uniquely designed. Its design is called fullerene, and only Shungite has that hollow hexagonal design in nature. Shungite’s hollow ball-like molecular structure provides its unique ability to capture materials and hold them inside.

 Shungite’s Characteristics

This rare stone has fascinating characteristics. It looks like coal, but its unique mineral composition prevents it from burning. Apart from carbon atoms, it contains dozens of different elements and minerals. Its age is about 2 billion years.

Origins of Shungite

Since the Shungite’s form of carbon molecule can’t be found in other materials or rocks on Earth, some scientists believe that Shungite arrived on Earth as a meteorite from the asteroids collected between Mars and Jupiter.

 2 Forms of Shungite

  1. Type I is called elite or silver Shungite, which contains around 80- 98% carbon atoms and is quite a rare form of shungite. 
  2. Type II is called black Shungite or Classic Shungite and contains 32- 60 % carbon atoms. Classical shungite has become the object of worldwide scientific research of its antioxidant, EMF protection, and water treatment properties.

Shungite is the strongest known antioxidant in nature. Shungite is the only mineral that carries C60 fullerenes. Sixty (60) carbon atoms create the shape of a hollow soccer ball. C60 can bind up to 34 free radical molecules. It is 270 times more potent antioxidant than Vitamin C. 

Shungite’s Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial Function

Shungite absorbs heavy metals, toxins, and contaminants from water and diminishes any unhealthy energy waves in the air. When Shungite is soaked in water for a certain period, it cleans water from all harmful organic substances, bacteria, and microorganisms, including petroleum products and pesticides. It saturates the water with salts of calcium, magnesium, and microelements to an optimal concentration for the human body and disinfects water with anti-viral and anti-bacterial functions.

 Shungite’s Fullerene Healing Features

Researchers are excitingly running studies investigating the properties of Shungite’s fullerene-type molecules. Its ability to purify water, clean toxins, inhibit viruses from spreading and neutralize EMF radiation from wireless devices comes from its special fullerene molecules.

Yonsei University Researchers confirmed the strong antioxidant properties of Shungite in a study on mice.  Skin-damaged mice treated with topical Shungite cream healed faster and better than the control group. 

Some other researchers checked two groups of frogs in laboratory conditions, one living in normal water, and the second in 1-2 cm Shungite chips added in the water. The frogs in the first group started dying from the 7th day, whereas the second group in water with Shungite crumbs showed a 100% survival rate for 60 days.

Other studies showed fullerenes can block HIV and hepatitis C virus replications. Now researchers are investigating fullerene’s role in treating cancer, HIV and slowing human skin aging. Fullerene ‘s role in protecting nature from nuclear disasters is also under investigation.

Shungite healing stone has natural vibration energy, which resonances with the frequency of the healthy cells in the human body.  That energy helps to improve cellular functions by strengthening the human bio-energy level. Indeed, Shungite’s fullerenes resonate in the far infrared spectrum closest to all forms of living creatures’ energy spectrum. In oriental medicine, Shungite stone greatly increases or concentrates vital energy and improves overall health and wellness.

Shungite and EMF Protection

Shungite has the ability to protect us from electro-magnetic frequencies, as well as to absorb toxic energies. Its uniquely constructed carbon molecules absorb the energy directed into this healing stone.

When you keep it close to your body, it protects you from harmful electromagnetic radiation. It absorbs electromagnetic emissions and neutralizes the harmful effects of EMFs emitted by all electric and electronic devices.

Shungite converts harmful EMF waves to a different form of energy waves in harmony with the human body’s own energy waves.

Shungite plates as thin as 10–20 μm show good absorption of EMF signals. That makes Shungite one of the simplest, most effective, inexpensive personal EMF protection solutions.

Shungite's EMF protective properties are present whether the stones are in direct contact with the body or just nearby.  You can use shungite pieces as jewellery, carry them in your purse or pocket, stick them to your phone or tablet, or keep them on your desk next to your electronics. It will diminish your constant exposure level to harmful electromagnetic radiation in any environment.

Shungite stone pieces can be used indefinitely. They always retain their anti-radiation effect, making them the best, most inexpensive and most practical solution against EMF or digital pollution.

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