SleepGift is a Vancouver/ Canada based new brand that produces EMF shielding blankets and other articles for adults, children, and pets that block harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. The company is dedicated to educating general public about the dangers of excessive and non-stop exposure to EMF radiation. Aside from promoting better sleep and providing protection from radiation, SleepGift’s blankets are also sustainable and are made from natural materials.

Since EMF’s most negative impact is seen on our sleep and mental health, SleepGift is committed to helping its customers experience better sleep and mental wellness by offering line of special blankets that block electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation coming from electronic devices and wireless technologies. SleepGift’s blankets helps customers sleep better and prevent long term, irreversible damage from constant EMF exposure.

SleepGift’s blankets are made with using innovative fabric which blocks up to 99.9% of EMF signals. To create this functional fabric, precious mineral silver is blended with cotton fiber without losing softness and comfort of  cotton fabric. Silver has ability to absorb the EMF radiation along with its anti-microbic and anti-odor properties. Constant EMF exposure disrupts the production of melatonin and serotonin hormones. By providing protection from EMF, the healthy levels of these crucial hormones are preserved. 

Additional to EMF shielding, SleepGift’s one of a kind weighted blankets have far infrared rays -FIR- and aromatherapy effects. These re-invented weighted blankets are filled with bioceramic beads which carry natural FIR emitting minerals. The bioceramic beads are specially designed to create a cozy, massage effect by stimulating nerve endings. Far infrared rays reach to tissues and bring health boosting effects by stimulating blood circulation and strengthen immune system. The blankets help relieve symptoms of insomnia, sleep deprivation, tiredness and anxiety. By using them long sleep hours, EMF’s chronic, irreversible health risks are also prevented.

The developing bodies of children are more vulnerable to EMF health risks. SleepGift offers baby blankets especially for the protection of newborns, babies and school age children. Protecting new generations from ever increasing EMF radiation is more important than before for their healthy physical and mental development as they are growing under the constant exposure of invisible EMF signals.

According to Tina Ureten, MD, PhD, founder and CEO of SleepGift, we are being exposed to constant EMF radiation due to increasingly commonplace wireless technologies and higher-frequency channels such as 5G and 6G. Dr Ureten says that EMF radiation is damaging to all forms of life – humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms. However, using EMF-emitting electronic devices is virtually unavoidable in today’s modern society, so SleepGift created a line of products that help people to use technology with less harm by reducing the exposure level of EMF radiation for the body. “Our mission is to educate people about the harmful effects of EMF radiation,” Dr Ureten says.

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Name: Dr Tina Ureten